Students now a days dream to be entrepreneurs and wish to float their own startups. Unfortunately they are not able to proceed to lack of opportunities.We at FLOWERS TV CHANNEL propose to make available a UNIQUE platform to showcase their talented ideas.


Students above 18 years are eligible to be part of this startup initiative.There are no prequalifications except that students should have fire in their bellies to prove themeselves in their proposed startups .


The primary aim of Students Startup is to inculcate entrepreneurship qualities, and collaborate with existing ED clubs to sensitize the students to the industrial scenario of the state and to nurture their entrepreneurial talent. It seeks to develop awareness among its student members of the attitudes, values, and skills of successful entrepreneurs across the globe. Another social purpose is to inculcate the Entrepreneurial Culture amongst the youth and equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch-bearers of entrepreneurship for the new generation. The mentors of the Start-up initiative will identify talented youth and train them to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Further, a media platform will be given to showcase their innovative startup concepts. By doing so, we aim at developing a billionaire mindset and self-dependency among our members. Last but not the least, we wish to cultivate the value of humanity by developing a sense of doing charity among the youth through various startup initiatives.

The main objectives are to:

  • Create awareness among the students of the college and the community regarding entrepreneurship as a career option.
  • Provide an entrepreneurship eco-system in the college, where students would learn the technicalities of entrepreneurship and become job providers instead of job seekers.
  • Produce entrepreneurs who will not only upscale their businesses but also become the part of national development.
  • Empower our students by giving training and mentorship to expose them to the best practices of entrepreneurship through our well qualified faculty members from our partnering training organizations.
  • Explore the possibility of commercialization of some of the potential startup ideas developed by club members with the support of successful entrepreneurs and other visionaries from Govt. & Pvt. Organizations.

  • Suggest names of Faculty Contact person and student coordinators
    with email id & contact numbers
  • Formation of startup club of interested students
  • Submission of startup ideas by students via their faculty coordinators
  • Finalisation of date for training & mentoring of students
  • Selection of startup ideas by a prestigious panel formed by Flowers TV
  • Presentation of selected startup ideas in an unique TV event on Flowers TV Channel

    FLOWERS CHANNEL has created waves in the Malayalam Television Industry by gaining a prominent position in viewership and in the hearts of Malayalees worldwide within a short span of four years. Quality content and top-notch productions have always been the USP of Flowers through which we ensure consistent eyeballs. Currently Flowers TV intend to telecast a unique and revolutionary show called Students Startup. The show will telecast selected startup ideas of students from colleges all over Kerala. Online Media Partner-smartpix media.


    The project will be running in the selected 10 colleges in the city and finally after a fort night the selected startup ideas will be unveiled in the MEGA EVENT of the show. The mega event of the show will be hosted by a selected college among these 10 colleges, where the Students Startup program was conducted. There will be 18 such mega events in a year covering at least 180 top colleges of Kerala. Thus, the students will be able to present their startup ideas in front of a celebrity panel chosen by Flowers TV.


    A celebrity from the film industry/ business world will be selected to be the brand Ambassador for the unique student start up initiative. Many other celebrities will also be part of the panel during the MEGA EVENT SHOW.


  • Creation of a string of successful student ALUMNI will be the greatest asset.
  • College campus, faculties and students will gain popularity and global exposure during the telecast of MEGA EVENT SHOW.
  • Online promotion of selected student startup ideas.
  • Students will get professional training from expert Trainers free of cost
  • College can highlight this STUDENTS STARTUP program and its benefits during admissions & AICTE inspections etc. This will further boost their image and help in better ranking and grade system of college regulatory bodies.

    The Experts panel constituted by Flowers TV will be the final authority to select the Startup ideas presented by the students for the Students Startup Programme. The students can submit their ideas as under:

  • The interested students should submit and demonstrate their startup ideas in the following website
  • All the startup ideas submitted for the Students Startup Programme should have valid approval from the Faculty Coordinator and the Management of respective colleges.
  • The Experts Panel constituted by Flowers TV will be the final authority to select the startup ideas in the Students Startup show telecasted by Flowers TV.
  • The judgement pronounced by the Experts Panel will be ultimate and final.

    We are looking forward to associate with few successful entrepreneurs who can support the show and contribute to meet the expenses related to the implementation of the above proposed activities of the students startup club in each college.
    The progressive Boby Chemmanur International Group Thrissur have expressed their willingness in being one such partner business group of the show. The training sessions as part of the startup club will be funded by Boby Chemmanur International Group as their CSR activity for the noble cause of shaping the lifes of the Indian youths.

    Contact Address:-

  • Flowers Students Startup
  • Ph.+91 7902356000, 7902376000
  • Other Media Partners
  • Online:- Smart Pix
  • facebook : spmediaofficial